In Memoriam: Avtandil Baramidze

In Memoriam: Avtandil Baramidze


Yesterday IFCPF received the message that the head coach of the Russian CP Football Team, Avtandil Baramidze, passed away.

Mr. Baramidze was since 1995 the head coach of the very successful Russian team. In 1995 he invited the head coach of the Netherlands, Mr Tom Langen, to introduce him to CP Football in St. Petersburg and since that time he was one of the most successful coaches of all time.  



As the President of the Russian CP Football Federation (RCPFF) he was responsible for the development of CP football in Russia. This involved different regions, different teams and clubs and of course maintaining the successful performance of the national team at international competitions. 

His first appearance was at the CPISRA European Championships in Nottingham 1995 and he immediately became the runner-up. His team qualified for the Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games and his team was again successful with a silver medal.  

From that time the Russian team, under his passionate leadership, was always a powerhouse in CP Football.  


Avtandil previously shared: 

"I have very little free time. CP Football is also my family. Every week day there are training sessions and on Saturdays and Sundays there are games. Sometimes, I have to be a father or a brother or a teacher and sometimes a friend. I am not afraid of hard work. Friendly and fair but strict when necessary." 


Mr. Tom Langen, former head coach of the Netherlands and now Technical Director of IFCPF:  

“He was so passionate about the sport and was an expert coach. The list of success is extremely long with winning several World Cups and certainly twice winning the Paralympic Games as some of the greatest highlights of his career."


Mr Baramidze was always very dedicated to the sport and unbelievably important for the development of CP Football in his country. As a coach he was an example for others and with his team he set the current high standard in the game. The CP Football family lose a much-respected person and friend. IFCPF want to share our condolences to his family, the Russian CP Football Federation and to his national CP Football team. 


Ivan Potekhin, former athlete from the Russian CP Football Federation:

"We express our sincere condolences to relatives, friends and colleagues on the sudden death of Avtandil Baramidze, honored coach of Russia, head coach of the Russian National CP Football team. 

All his conscious life was fully devoted to sports and training activities. Under the leadership of Avtandil Baramidze, the Russian National CP Football team became two-time champion, two-time silver and bronze medalist of the Paralympic Games, four-time World champion and European champion. 

Avtandil Baramidze has been working for the Paralympic sport for many years. His contribution to the development of CP Football is invaluable. 

We will remember him as a great coach, a professional of his work, a caring person, a friend, sincerely respected by all who worked with him and knew him personally."