IFCPF Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

IFCPF Registered Testing Pool (RTP)


In 2016 the IFCPF Anti-doping committee launched its first Registered Testing Pool (RTP) program which targets elite and risky players. An RTP consists in a group of players subject to regular testing out of competition according to Whereabouts information they or their representatives submit via ADAMS (Anti-Doping Administration Management System).



In 2016, the IFCPF RTP was managed exclusively via the ADAMS in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code. It first targeted ten (10) players from ten (10) countries highly involved within CP football.


In this first RTP experience, 50% were tested according to the Whereabouts they submitted via ADAMS whereas 20% were not tested due to either submitting irregular whereabouts or for difficulties related to the player location.


For the remaining ones, 20% retired before being tested and 10% were removed from the beginning of the program.


All tested players were sampled according to the Technical Document for Sport Specific Analysis (TDSSA) and urine samples were analysed within WADA accredited laboratories. The first four (4) results came back negative whereas one (1) remains under analysis.


WADA emphasises its beliefs that an “effective anti-doping education is a crucial part of protecting clean sport.”


The 2016 RTP program experienced some constraints consisting of mainly the low level of the ADAMS system control by both players and their representatives as well as some significant geo-differences for NADOs support to RTP players when submitting whereabouts.


This sometimes led to late whereabouts submissions which broke the continuousness of the testing plan application in 2016.


Proposed issues to solve this key point are to implement an informative program on ADAMS use and the RTP program as well as to strengthen cooperation with respective NADOS and testing and analysis service providers.



The new RTP list for 2017 has been released by the IFCPF Anti-Doping committee and is available here


The IFCPF rely on all anti-doping stakeholders to assist our new IF to make this keep CP Football a Clean-Sport: CP football, pure football!


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Article by Holly Percival