IFCPF Female CP Football Development Grant

IFCPF Female CP Football Development Grant


IFCPF believe that it is our responsibility to foster unity within the Cerebral Palsy Football family and to use the sport of CP Football to promote solidarity, regardless of gender, ethnic background, faith or culture. There should be inclusive and accessible playing opportunities available to everyone.

Football is the world’s most popular team sport and a great way of having fun and keeping fit with friends.
Whether it is played as an organised match or just a kickabout, football is a game of teamwork and individual skills, offering a rewarding experience for all who participate!


Committed to provide CP Football opportunities for all, IFCPF are working with our partners and member organisations to offer a range of opportunities for players at all levels, including the development of Female CP Football.


At present there are no international competitions or national leagues for females in CP Football which is mainly due to a lack of female teams and players playing the game. It is hoped that through a range of initiatives and awareness raising, our CP Football family can help to grow the game and number of female players enjoying it.


IFCPF Female CP Football Development Grant

Projects may be engaging enthusiastic grassroots players who like nothing more than a kick about with friends; those who wish to develop as a player and play competitively; or others with ambitions of playing for their country - IFCPF encourages applicants to develop ideas for new activities and to seek innovative ways to reach female players and raise awareness!



These small grants aim to support activities and events at local, regional and national level.

Proposed activities must demonstrate clear participation opportunities and sustainability for female players to continue to play CP Football. IFCPF will give priority to projects that link to other IFCPF initiatives for the development of Female CP Football participation.

All activities supported through IFCPF Female CP Football Development Grants must be delivered before 31st December 2017, unless otherwise agreed by IFCPF.


Who can apply?: Applications must be from an IFCPF Member Organisation in good standing.

How much can we apply for?: The grants is €2000. IFCPF encourages applicants to seek other means of funding to help generate larger budgets.

How and when will we receive the grant?: Successful applicants will be notified within 7 days, and will receive € 1000 before the start of the project and € 1000 following receipt by IFCPF of:

  • A completed evaluation form
  • 10 high quality photos for publication on IFCPF website and social media
  • A Development Plan for Female CP Football

Application: Applications must be received by IFCPF by 31st August 2017


Mixed Gender Rule for CP Football

In the latest version of the IFCPF Tournament Regulations effective from January 2017, tournaments are permitted to be played mixed gender. To support the development of CP Football opportunities for female players, mixed gender participation is allowed in all IFCPF sanctioned competition other than Paralympic Games, World Championships, World Cup and Regional Championships.



This updated rule to allow mixed gender teams is intended to stimulate female participation until the numbers become sufficient to have female specific teams and competitions.

See latest IFCPF Rules and Regulations here: www.ifcpf.com/rules


2018 CPISRA World Games โ€“ Female CP Football Development Camp

As part of the 2018 CPISRA World Games, IFCPF and CPISRA will offer a Female CP Football Development Camp and Competition to provide an international platform for female players to participate and compete. This will run alongside the 2018 IFCPF CP Football World Championships U19 which is already part of the partnership between the two organisations, and demonstrates a clear commitment to ensuring that all players have the opportunity to play this beautiful sport.


Further information available at: www.cpisra.org/world-games/


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