IFCPF condemns the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian leadership

IFCPF condemns the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian leadership


The International Federation of CP Football believes that war and aggression against a sovereign state and innocent civilians have no place in the world, society and sport. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a violation of international law and a clear breach of both the Olympic and Paralympic Charters.


We have reached out to NPC Ukraine to convey support on behalf of IFCPF and the entire CP Football family; wishing safety for all in Ukraine and sincere hope that peace will soon be restored. IFCPF commit to do everything in our power to ensure that Ukrainian athletes have the opportunity and support to take part in CP Football events.


The IFCPF Board  has decided that the participation of the Russian CP Football team in any IFCPF tournaments, including the 2022 IFCPF World Cup, has been suspended for the foreseeable future.


We recognise that the inclusion of CP Football players from Russia is also negatively impacted by the actions of the Russian leadership, however our sport cannot continue as normal within a far from normal situation.


We seek to protect the safety of our athletes, the integrity of our sport and stand in solidarity to ensure sport provides a platform for peace and international solidarity among all nations.