IFCPF Club Finder

IFCPF Club Finder


Today we launch the IFCPF Club Finder as a tool to showcase the worldwide participation and diversity of CP Football, and Frame Football, providing important information to get started on your football journey.


A focus for 2022 and the near future is on recovering from the restrictions which have limited football activity and returning to pre-Covid participation levels. As an international federation we are also working to increase the number of players taking part in CP Football, at all levels of the game worldwide.


We're still working hard to add all IFCPF member organisations, but the tool is open to all organisations and clubs delivering opportunities for players with cerebral palsy and related neurological conditions.


Building ifcpf.com as a home for CP Football

As the International Federation of CP Football we develop and promote the game of CP Football, aiming to bring together key information about the game through our website. Connecting the CP Football family and ensuring we serve our entire network of stakeholders, means we have to continually develop and innovate in the ways we work.

By bringing more CP Football and Frame Football stakeholders to ifcpf.com, we can support the growth and development of the game at all levels.


Promote grassroots football

We recognsie that grassroots football is the place where the overwhelming majority of CP Football players are participating in the game and where most of those in national teams started their journey. By promoting the grassroots of the game, we aim to show every child with cerebral palsy and related neurological conditions that football is for all and that they too can play.


Social and recreational football

Whatever the reason players get into football, or the way they choose to play the game, there are a range of ways to get involved. Through the Club Finder, IFCPF is aiming to promote all football opportunities to empower players to make their own choice about how they wish to play.

Whether its for a simple kickabout with friends or following the dream of pulling on the national shirt, everyone has the right to play football in the way they choose.


Promote club opportunities

Football clubs create a hub for football activity and a home for players to call their own. There are football clubs across all countries and communities, but finding one that offers opportunities for players with CP is often a huge challenge. The international programme is supported by a strong foundation of amazing clubs who provide regular CP Football activity at a local level. Through the Club Finder we aim to make sure players connect with opportunities to play the game at the earliest opportunity.


Get involved

If you're looking to find out about opportunities to play football, visit our Club Finder to see what's on offer in your country and local community. We'll be adding more organisations and clubs all the time, so be sure to keep checking back.


Clubs and organisations, we're depending on you to share your information with us through the Club Registration form. We'll aim to add your details as soon as possible to the map.