Get involved in the IPC โ€˜Inclusive Sportsโ€™ Challenge

Get involved in the IPC โ€˜Inclusive Sportsโ€™ Challenge


To get youngsters around the world active during the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and multiple other sport organisations have partnered with United Through Sports to launch the 2020 World Virtual Youth Festival.


More than 60 organisations including the IOC, IPC and Special Olympics are supporting the event which will invite youngsters from under 18 years to take part in online qualification events in October. Winners from the qualification events will progress to the online finals that will be hosted in Thailand between 20-22 November to coincide with the United Nations World Children’s Day.

The festival will include youths not only from participating International Federations, but also from migrant and refugee backgrounds, from the indigenous community and from vulnerable backgrounds who are often marginalised by society.

The festival will include virtual medal ceremonies, inspirational opening and closing ceremonies and will incorporate a vital platform of education by including an opening conference, panel discussions and workshops. Topics of focus will include: Peace through sport, Inclusion and non-discrimination, Athletes’ roles and responsibilities, Safeguarding and child protection among others. Over 100 youth ambassadors, together with the leaders of sport and all participating entities will make a unified call to action towards a more inclusive and better tomorrow.

IPC Qualification Event

The IPC ‘Inclusive Sports’ Challenge will be open to everyone. Therefore, rather than setting youngsters a specific exercise routine, participants will be invited to create their own.

The IPC will stage its qualification event between 7 and 21 October 2020.

To enter the IPC qualification event, youngsters divided into two categories from under 12s and under 18 years old by 20 November 2020, will need to film themselves performing an exercise routine of their choice for 60 seconds maximum.

Once they have finished the routine, they need to spend 45 seconds to the camera explaining their motivation to participate in this challenge and what world leaders need to do to create a more accessible and inclusive future for all people. This could be part of the same video or a second one.

Messages should be recorded in English; otherwise an English transcript must be provided together with the video.

Finalised videos should be sent to together with the UTS Parental Individual Consent Form (available online) signed.

The deadline for all entries is 23:59 CEST on 21 October 2020.

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