El Salvador Coach Education and Classification Workshop

El Salvador Coach Education and Classification Workshop


From 5th to 7th May, IFCPF tutors conducted a Coach Education and Classification Workshop in El Salvador. 39 participants, including 10 CP players and 29 coaches from 5 Central American countries participated in the 3-day course in the national football stadium of the capital city San Salvador.

El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua all participated in the first IFCPF coach education course in Central America.


The main goal of the course was to educate the coaches and players in classification and training opportunities. For all coaches and players, the course was a new experience and the participants received a lot of information regarding classification, the history of CP Football, international tournament schedules, player recruitment and training practice.


IFCPF appointed three experienced course instructors for this workshop: Rene Jurrius, Paulo Cruz (IFCPF Coach Education Tutors) and Marcelo Sanchez (IFCPF International Classifier).


The course was a first introduction to CP Football for the representatives of the countries, who were very enthusiastic and decided to cooperate with each other to develop CP Football in the region and work towards international participation in the future.


The course was organized by the Central America Paralympic committee in cooperation with National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES) and the financial support of IFCPF.


Jose Luis Campo – APC’s President said:

“The feedback is very positive, the people of Centro American represented in 5 countries tell me they are thinking of organising a Football Festival in the close future, with the countries of the Region.

In name of the APC, we appreciate and say thanks to the IFCPF for to give this opportunity to the region, of course we will continue working together.”


A lot of praising comments about the workshop have been received. ESA is going to replicate it throughout the country. For the closing event, the President of the football association and the Minister of Sports were present to support them.


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