De Koutershotters leading the way in Belgium


Written by Amy White - IFCPF Communications Officer (Europe)

De Koutershotters leading the way in Belgium

De Koutershotters, based in Kortemark, West Fladers have recently appeared on the Belgian sports channel ‘Eleven Sports Belgium’ to showcase their CP programme.

The team was set up in 2017 by Coach Peter Declerck who saw an appeal from a father who was looking for a disability friendly club that his son could join. Over the past three years the team has established itself within the community of Koremark and sees a mixture of boys and girls train alongside each other on a biweekly basis by Peter and Jari Deceuniinck.

The report focuses on a brother and sister duo of Dario and Elise, they express how much they love football and how important it is for them to be part of a team that is adapted to their needs.

When asked about his group of players, Coach Peter Declerck said, ’Our team is a team of friends: the players don’t see disabilities but possibilities. We often play matches or tournaments, but we have a big dream that we can continue and motivate other clubs to build CP football teams in Belgium.

De Koutershotters is one of the nine CP clubs that are currently set up in Belgium, and Peter hopes more will be inspired by their story.

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