CP Football - #UnitedGame

CP Football - #UnitedGame


Aware of the current worldwide focus on the disgraceful events causing the death of George Floyd, and acts of racial discrimination; it is important for all members of society to reflect upon what we do. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement should be taken seriously to honour the memory of George Floyd, respect the rights and fair treatment of black people and address the issue of racism head on.


At first we did not know if it was appropriate for us to speak up about ‘Black Lives Matter’, and that maybe we should take a step back and listen to what black people in particular had to say. However, it is not the job of just black people to fight against a system which racially discriminates against them, but the role of us all to be part of the change.


As an international federation we stand firmly behind ‘Black Lives Matter’ and condemn all discrimination of black people.


Every individual, organisation and sport governing body have a part to play in identifying their role in tackling discrimination of all forms; and we must reflect upon our own role.


As an organisation, we pride ourselves on working for the inclusion of people with disabilities in football, and embracing diversity through equality of opportunity in our organisation and sport.


We recognise that our focus until now has not been on addressing racial discrimination, and we naively wait until the conversation involves our sport. But this should not and will not be the case. This important time of conversation and awareness of racial injustice needs to drive a change, and one which is taken seriously to safeguard and protect all within our sport and society. 


We will take the time to consult with our stakeholders to develop and implement a real plan of action. Not as a media response or lip service to the incidents in the USA and around the world; but as an honest reflection that we have not done enough, but we dedicate ourselves to doing more.


Collectively we are stronger, and through a #UnitedGame we will play our part in driving a culture change in football and society.