Bryan Kilpatrick-Elliot reviews brand new Nike boots tailored at CP players


IFCPF Youth Ambassador (Europe) Bryan Kilpatrick- Elliot test drove the new Nike Phantom GT FlyEase boot, which is designed with accessibility in mind. Watch and read his boot review.

Written by IFCPF Intern Harry Tizzard.

Perfect for athletes that had difficulties with shoelaces, the boots fold-down heel allows for an easy entry for the foot.

The FlyEase boot also comes without the need to tie laces, with the conventional style to tighten boots replaced with a strap and cable system.

Anchored to the strap, the tightness of the cable is completely dependent on how tight the anchor is pulled. As a result, by adding no tension to the velcro strap, the boot expands, allowing the maximal amount of space for the foot to slide in. The tightness required is then completely down to the users desire.

It can also be worn almost anywhere. The stud patterns multi-ground system means that the boot can be worn on both artificial and natural grass – avoiding the need to buy multiple boots for multiple surfaces.

The generative texture used on the boot also helps increase performance on the pitch. The gripping texture used makes it easier to trap the ball closer to your feet when dribbling, helping to control the ball closer to your feet.

Here’s what Bryan had to say about the Nike Phantom GT Flyease Boot:

How did you find the boots to play in?
I really enjoyed playing in these boots I felt more confident and comfortable in them as with my lace up boots some-times the laces come undone and I had to get a teammate or referee to help me.

For you personally are they easier to use/wear?
They are definitely easier to wear and much more comfortable. I have right sided Hemiplegia and have always found boots a struggle so I love that I can put my own boots on without any help or waiting for someone to do the laces for me.

Do you think footwear across all sports should be adapted this way?
It would be great to see more sports use this technology to improve their sport. It is a game changer for CP football, and I am sure across other sports it would be helpful.

What would you rate them out of 10?
Definitely 10/10. I am looking forward to seeing where Nike take the range and seeing them in more styles and colours. I would love to design my own boots one day using this technology.

Do you think you’ll score more goals in them?
I hope so, I have been training in them at home to get used to them and practicing loads during this current lockdown. I can’t wait to try them out in a game.

I would definitely recommend these boots to other players with CP and hope other brands get involved and make boots with similar technology to help improve the quality of the CP football game.

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