Brazil are the 2018 IFCPF Americas Champions

Brazil are the 2018 IFCPF Americas Champions


The highest ranked team in the Americas proved they are worthy of their status, in de grande finale of the 2018 IFCPF Americas Championships Brazil beat Argentina 4-2. Where both teams were unbeaten coming into the final, only one team could remain so. Argentina had scored a staggering 26 goals before the last match on Saturday, conceding only 3. In the final that's the exact amount they had to suffer against Brazil in the first half. Brazil were at 21-2 up front, which is a testament to their marvelous defence. Ubirajara Magelhaes da Silva was top scorer of the finale with 3 goals.

The United States overcame Colombia for the bronze, in a clearly all to play for match they won 3-0. Venezuela beat Canada 8-1 for fifth place and hosts Ecuador fell 7-3 to Chile after having to finish the match for 7th place that had started on Friday.



In a very emotional match, Brazil beat Argentina and became the champion of the 2018 America Cup. One more time the Brazilian number 7, Ubirajara Magalhaes, was the MVP of the match and also of the competition, scoring three times.

Brazil scored three goals in the first half, giving to all the public the idea that the match had come to an easy win. But Mariano Morana, the best striker of the competition, scored on the 27th minute and gave to the Argentinians more hope for the rest of the match.

In the second half, Argentina tried hard to score its second goal. But in a counterattack on the 49th minute, Ubirajara scored the fourth, what could lead the control of the match to Brazil. But the goal of Matias Fernandez on the 52th gave back to Argentina the power to try to tie the match. But on the 53th minute, Pablo Molina received a red card, what made Brazil assume the total control of the match up to the end.

Brazil deservedly became the champion having won all the matches it played in the competition. Congratulations also to Argentina, the second position of the 2018 Americas Cup!



The first half was very equal and Colombia was able to keep the ball and defend all of USA opportunities thanks to a balanced defense and the good performance from Didier Pasuy - Colombian goalkeeper.  However, at the end of the first half Nicholas Mayhugh scored the first goal with an excellent free kick. 

On the second half, Colombia tried to attack a little bit more and this allowed the USA attack to have some more clear opportunities and scored the last two goals. 
A meritorious 4th place for Colombia that will give them access to play in Lima next year.



A well deserved and clear victory for the Vino Tinto team. Venezuela kept always the control of the game, showing their team skills and improvement in the last years. Canada, with some of their most important players not attending, was just able to score thanks to a penalty converted by Nick Heffernan. To highlight the 4 goals scored by the Venezuelan captain Richard Mogollon. Canada's goalkeeper was awarded as the Best Goalkeeper thanks to his performance that allowed Canada to get the 6th position and may be the card to participate in the next Parapanam Games next year in Lima.


In a continuing after an interruption caused by yesterday's bad weather, Chile beat Ecuador by 7-3 and finished 7th in the 2018 America Championships. The home team, in spite of its first appearance in an international event, has proved that can build a bright future in CP Football, for has shown good players and also a fighting spirit to overcome all the difficulties.