2017 Dublin Friendship Cup

2017 Dublin Friendship Cup


Tournament Blog:

Celbridge Town FC 6 - 1 Denmark

Denmark gifted Celbridge with an early own goal coming off the back of a defender, 4 came from open play with the 6th coming from an obvious penalty from a hand ball. Denmarks consolation goal was well worked and finished.

Republic of Ireland 1 - 1 Denmark

A quick free kick from Alan Moore, spilled by the keeper and put away by Sam Carroll. The Irish notably tired after half time and were lucky to concede just one. They did however run themselves into the ground with effort, with the numerous subs adding to the defence. It finished 1-1.


Northern Ireland 5 - 1 Celbridge Town FC

This match saw Northern Ireland take on Celbridge Town. Celbridge were a bit taken aback with the quality of the Northern team. Celbridge being an 11 a side team found it hard to get to grips with the no offside rule in CP football. The game finished 5-1 to Northern Ireland.

Republic of Ireland 3 - 0 Celbridge Town FC

Tonight's game saw Celbridge Town beat Republic of Ireland 3-0. A very credible show from the Republic of Ireland against a highly mobile Celbridge Town. Man of the match for the Irish was young Charlie Byrne who showed a football intellect far above his years and covered every blade of grass in the oppositions half. He was only kept scoreless by some timely interventions by Celbridge very speedy Aaron Treacy. Overall a good display from the Rep boys even though it was on the end of a loss but in terms of development it was a very worthwhile outing.


Northern Ireland 1 - 1 Denmark

The second match involved Denmark and Northern Ireland which was a very evenly matched affair with both sides showing off the technical side of their game. Denmark scored first and held out until the last minute of the match before conceding from a rocket of a free kick from 20 yard.

Republic of Ireland 1 - 2 Northern Ireland

This mornings match between the Rep of Ire and N.Irl was a good football context. The Republic scows after 15 mins with a long range speculative free kick taken by captain Alan Moore. The Republic boys were on top for long spells of the the match but conceded two lucky goals, one high shot coming out of the sun and the second a ping pong around the six yard box. The Rep of Irl Guys were unruffled and stuck to the task, some tactical changes confused the opposition and chances ensued until the North readjusted and saw out the game with very disciplined positional play.


The tournament finished with Northern Ireland as winners receiving the trophy at a short presentation which included one to the player of the tournament, as selected by the referees, Charlie Byrne who they said was "one to watch for the future"