#Vejen2016: Day 9 - Finals Day

#Vejen2016: Day 9 - Finals Day


Spain 9th position in the Qualifier

The Spanish team needed a win to be ranked 9th in the 2016 IFCPF Qualification Tournament. With most ball possession of the Spanish team the first goal was scored in the 7th minute by Aitor Arino Casoliba. The only opportunity was taken by Finland's number 8 Mikael Jukarainen just a few seconds after the opening goal. Spain kept pressing and 2 - 1 scored by Eduardo Jose De Laorden Barcelona brought Spain the lead. Half time result 2 -1. In the second half Spain scored three more goals. Final score 5 - 1.

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Canada gets the 7th place

Canada clearly passed over Japan in the match for the 7th position of the championship. 

Boths teams had a simmilar performance during the tournament. They both started the championship strongly but some injuries and probably the fatigue made them lost some freshure. 

It was an easy match for the Canadish guys, again, their best players Samuel and Liam scored two goals each one and added another one from Matt Brown in the 51'

Anywhere it was certainly the best Japanese performance in an international competition of this level, remarkable they were always able to compete against all of the teams. 

Congratulations for both teams.

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5th Place for Northern Ireland

Deserved match for Northern Ireland who always kept the ball and also the best goal options. Cormarc Birt scored the first one at 5' and Jordan Walker scored the second goal for the blue lights. 

Nothing changed in the second half but in he 39 David Barber was sent out because of an scary tackling. A last opportunity for both teams but nothing else remarkable until the final whistle. 

Very good performance for these two teams that reached 5th and 6th places and also their qualification for the next World Championships in Argentina.

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Final minutes of the game separate these two teams

End to end football, balanced between Venezuela and Portugal, gave an exciting match but with a deadlock throughout.

It was only as the pressure rose in the last few minutes of the game, that Venezuela broke the 0-0 score to take the lead and presumably the victory. However, in an almost instant reply, Portugal answered with a goal to once again build the tension in this exciting game.

With the score at 1-1, in a draw once again, it seemed destined to go to extra time. Venezuela fought hard to again break the deadlock and score to take the bronze medal.

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Gold medal victory for Iran

The first half was quite even although Iran took advantage of a chance in the 19th minute to lead 1-0 at the end of the first half.

Returning for the second half, Iran seemed to take control from the start working to increase their lead with an early goal from Mehdi Jamali. The score remained 2-0 for the majority of the second half right up until the 58th minute where Jasem Bakshi took his second goal of the game. Recently entering the match, Ehsan Masoumzadeh sealed the gold medal for Iran with a goal in the 60th minute.

A brilliant match overall, with credit due for the Scots for an excellent performance but the strong Iran team showed their dominance in winning the tournament.

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