Vasco da Gama win Brazilian first division

Vasco da Gama win Brazilian first division


The First Division of Brazilian CP Football Championship had an epic final on May 31, 2019. After the 3rd place match finishing in 2-1 for Caira-MS over CEPE-SC, it was the turn for the grand final between Vasco da Gama-RJ and CETEFE-DF.

The match was broadcast live on national television through a partnership between Brazilian Paralympic Committee and Grupo Globo / SporTV, which created the Brazil Paralympic Seal. In addition to the unprecedented broadcast of a match of a Brazilian Championship of the modality, the final counted on the pioneer use of the Video Assistant Referee in an official CP Football match!

The tool was essential in the calling of a penalty, the first ever done with the aid of the Video Assistant Referee in the history of CP Football, in the last minutes of the match, in favor of the CETEFE team, which was losing by 4-0. The goalkeeper saved the kick, but mere moments went by when the team from Brazilian federal district managed to score, and the game ended in 4-1 for Vasco da Gama, who became Brazilian champion of the year 2019.