Top seeded teams win on opening day in Lima

Top seeded teams win on opening day in Lima


Brazil, Argentina and USA have started their quest for Panamerican Paralympic gold with emphatic wins. Top seeds Brazil treated hosts Peru to a 10-0 defeat, Argentina blasted past Venezuela and the United States battled against Colombia to a 5-0 win. Brazil now top the chart in this Round Robin competition, play will resume on Sunday in Lima.

Brazil start Lima 2019 with a bang

The difference between Brazil and Peru was evident from the beginning. Brazil had a comfortable lead at half time (7-0) and could kind of relax in the second. Captain Jefferson Cardoso scored three times within the first fifteen minutes, putting his team on the right track.

After the first half Brazil could bring in some substitutes and didn't have to press that hard anymore. With the score at 10-0 they thought it was enough for hosts Peru, who were cheered on by lots of fans singing and dancing in the stands.

Argentina needed one half to beat Venezuela

The Argentinians were at it straight from the mark, captain Mariano Morana made his intensions clear by scoring in the second minute. Before the first half was over his hattrick was there. 

With leading 6-0 after 30 minutes the match was effectively over. Both teams managed to score, Venezuela getting their first goal of the competition as well. Argentina are now second in the pool after the first day of play in Lima.

USA beat Colombia in hard fought match

The intentions of both teams were evident, this match wasn't to be lost without a fight. USA battled strongest, breaking the deadlock after fifteen minutes. When the first goal was in, two more followed before half time. 

After the break Colombia had some forceful attacks, but the American goalie wasn't bothered too much. Captain Seth Jahn made his second of the day before Andrew Bremer finalized the score at 5-0.