The Netherlands and Belgium's Under-18s Break New Ground

The Netherlands and Belgium's Under-18s Break New Ground


Both The Netherlands and Belgium have made history at Under-18 level, playing their first international match against one another earlier this month.


While the result was one-sided, with The Netherlands running out 26-0 winners in Bruges on June 1, both countries gained valuable experience representing their country.


It was a huge moment for the sport in Belgium with the result paling into insignificance, as a crowd turned up in numbers to support their team in its first outing.


For The Netherlands, it was a match 20 years in the making, having first become involved with CP Football in 2005.


Before the game, coach Furkan Tunc was confident his team were ready, but he could not surely have possibly predicted such a result.


"Everyone is very tense, but as soon as the ball starts rolling everyone will play football freely in their heads.


"I expect quick opening goals from us, from there we can determine the match."


More information on the match can be found here.


(Cover photo: Team captains Sam Voorbach (The Netherlands) and Jordy Broux (Belgium) before the match on June 1. Credit: Sportpix, on behalf of the RBFA)