Ricky Treacy appointed to IFCPF board

Ricky Treacy appointed to IFCPF board


Ricky Treacy lands a spot on the IFCPF board for member at Large Europe. The Irishman has been involved in CP football for over 15 years inspired by his son Joshua, who like many others found himself on the bench within mainstream football.

Ricky decided to take Joshua along to a CP specific session with CPSI Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland. Joshua was chosen to represent Ireland last year at the IFCPF World Cup earning his first cap. All along his football journey Ricky has continued to be by his side volunteering and travelling as a medic in the development set up. Ricky has also supported the international team on occasions as a medic over the years.

After the collapse of CPSI around 6 years ago, Ricky helped, along with the current senior Coach Aiden Brennan rescue CP football in Ireland and set up the Cerebral Palsy Football Development Academy (Ireland). Since set up Ricky, and supporters delivered the first ever Dublin Friendship Cup with a range of nations represented, at junior, intermediate and senior levels.

The Cerebral Palsy Football Development Academy (Ireland) he now runs the senior adult side. The academy has four sections and over 70 players who attend weekly. The academy’s ethos is to give people somewhere to play, everyone is included and nobody is left on the bench. Ricky is excited to join IFCPF’s Board and hopes to form strong links with other clubs across Europe and the World, which will help inspire more clubs to travel and play each other.

Everybody at IFCPF would like to welcome Ricky to the board.