Ready for ParaPan American Games

Ready for ParaPan American Games


The classic rivalry of Argentina Vs. Colombia will begin the emotions of this event that with more than 60 players with cerebral palsy take to the field of El Campincito.

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela will compete with their best youth talents in the CP Football tournament from June 4 at the start of the official competition.

With the presence in Bogotá of Paulo Cruz, the International Technical Delegate of IFCPF, and representatives of the 5 competing countries connected remotely for the calendar draw and the competition system was made official.


The tournament will have the format of a round-robin with each team playing against one another. After those 5 days, a sixth and final will be played for the medal positions. The teams that occupy the third and fourth place will compete for bronze, while the first and second of the all-on-all phase will play in the final match for the gold medal.


All matches will be played in El Campincito, a scene adjacent to the legendary El Campín stadium in the Colombian capital, which in the past hosted the final of the Copa América (2001) and the U20 World Cup (2011).

The Campincito, equipped with wholly remodelled dressing rooms and natural grass in perfect condition, will also be suitable to advance the medical classification days, in which two panels of international classifiers will determine the degree of impairment of each player to assign them the respective classification as appropriate: FT1, FT2 or FT3.


With the classic Argentina Vs. Colombia (9:00 am), followed by Venezuela Vs. Chile (11:00 am), on June 4, the emotions of CP Football begin at the Parapan American Youth Games in Bogotá.

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