Invitation to Bid for Hosting International CP Football Tournaments (2025-2028)

Invitation to Bid for Hosting International CP Football Tournaments (2025-2028)


The International Federation of CP Football (IFCPF) has extended an invitation to all IFCPF members to submit bids to host our prestigious international CP Football tournaments for the years 2025 to 2028.


CP Football not only continues to grow in popularity but has also become a beacon of inspiration, unity, and sportsmanship for individuals with cerebral palsy worldwide. As we continue to promote the development of CP Football globally, the hosting of our international tournaments plays a crucial role in fostering international collaboration and showcasing the outstanding talent of the players within our sport.

Hosting an IFCPF event provides a unique opportunity to showcase your nation's commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and the promotion of football for individuals with cerebral palsy. It is a chance to celebrate the strength, dedication, and performance of CP Football players on the world stage while leaving a lasting impact on the growth of our beloved sport.

The available tournaments for bid are as follows:

  1. IFCPF Regional Championships (Men’s and Women’s): Our Regional Championships seek to determine the top nations in each region and serve as qualifiers for the World Cup and World Championships. These events also seek to stimulate growth in international participation of more nations.
    1. 2025 IFCPF African Championships
    2. 2025 IFCPF Americas Championships
    3. 2025 IFCPF Asia-Oceania Championships
    4. 2025 IFCPF European Championships
    5. 2027 IFCPF African Championships
    6. 2027 IFCPF Americas Championships
    7. 2027 IFCPF Asia-Oceania Championships
    8. 2027 IFCPF European Championships
  2. IFCPF World Cup (Men’s and Women’s): This pinnacle event gathers the best CP Football teams from around the globe and serves as a platform for world-class performances. As women's CP Football continues to gain momentum, this tournament is dedicated to showcasing the prowess of female players and promoting gender equality across our sport.
    1. 2026 IFCPF World Cup
    2. 2028 IFCPF World Cup
  3. IFCPF World Championships (Men’s): With more countries competing at the highest level than ever, these championships provide high-level competition opportunities to nations worldwide.
    1. 2026 IFCPF World Championships
    2. 2028 IFCPF World Championships
  4. IFCPF Club World Cup (Mixed): Focused on developing the sport at club level, this tournament brings together talented young CP Footballers, providing them with valuable experience and exposure on an international level.
    1. 2025 IFCPF Club World Cup
    2. 2026 IFCPF Club World Cup
    3. 2027 IFCPF Club World Cup
    4. 2028 IFCPF Club World Cup

Bid Process

Interested Full and Affiliate Members are invited to submit their initial intentions to host with an official letter. Following receipt of Letters of Intent, members will be required to submit comprehensive bids, detailing their proposed venues, accommodations, transportation, and overall event management plans. Bidding members should also demonstrate their commitment to creating a spectacular event and high-performance environment for all participants, officials, and spectators.


We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with our members to create unforgettable experiences for our CP Football players around the world. Your dedication to the advancement of CP Football is truly appreciated, and we look forward to receiving your bids.


To provide an efficient, effective and collaborative tournament hosting process, we welcome requests from members to discuss your intentions and proposed bids. Together, we are here to deliver great events which are player-centred and advance the sport of CP Football.


Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the growth of CP Football worldwide.