IFCPF Annual Report - CP Football 2019

IFCPF Annual Report - CP Football 2019


The IFCPF Annual Report- 2019 is now available for you all to access.

2019 began with a huge surprise and disappointment for our sport. Despite meeting all requirements, the International Paralympic Committee's Governing Board decided not to include CP Football in the Paris 2024 Paralympic sport programme. We received this news with a feeling of disbelief, sadness and powerlessness. Achieving good grades and feedback, completely passing the exam, but still you will not be admitted! A motion at the IPC General Assembly sought to bring about change, but we did not receive enough support on the big day.

In consultation with our members, it was decided that we must continue to stand up for the rights of our athletes through the legal system. The CP Football family continues to prove that we are not dependent upon the IPC and Paralympic Games, and that we are becoming an increasingly strong international federation. 2019 was once again full of great activities and developments. Our governance is robust, we are giving a platform to inspiring youth ambassadors, we are better communicating our message, and we are seeing more development tournaments such as the Dublin Cup and the Barcelona Trophy.

We continue to be a respected partner of UEFA where we are guests at the UEFA Champions League Festival, and also the Asian Football Confederation Social Responsibility Conference. We again had engaging workshops to support people in all roles of our beautiful sport. Development in Peru and Americas was once again showcased at the ParaPan American Games. Last but not least, our IFCPF World Cup (male) was hosted in beautiful Seville, Spain.

CP Football (female) is growing rapidly with three well attended female Development Camps in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Oceania; now even more enthused with the announcement our first IFCPF World Cup (female) in 2020. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to promote our beautiful sport of CP Football, and further prove our place as a leading para sport and international federation. Thank you very much for your commitment and let us keep working to strengthen our sport worldwide. Enjoy reading this beautiful annual report,

Jan-Hein Evers, IFCPF President.

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