CP Football workshop at ANDE Seminar in Rio

CP Football workshop at ANDE Seminar in Rio


The International Federation of CP Football supported the international seminar of the Brazilian disability sport organization ANDE. The course was held from March 20 to 25 and was sponsored by the International Paralympic Federation.

Coaches from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Trinidad & Tobago and Ecuador were present for the training course in Rio de Janeiro, in which which was focused on topics for the sports sciences and activities for people with disabilities.


Country Tutors Participating Countries Number of Participants
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) Paulo Cruz & Marcelo Sanchez Ecuador, Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, Argentina and Brazil 11 coaches & 9 players

It was great to have the presence of Osvaldo Hernandez - head coach from Argentina, Paulo Cabral - head coach of Brazil and also Matias Valenzuela, from Chile, who presented the development process they are experiencing through the last years.


Chilean CP Football coaches, Matías Henríquez and Ivo Romero were part of the training course in Rio de Janeiro.

"It was a course in which to achieve qualification. We managed to update and generate networks on the international development of CP Football." said Matías Henríquez.

 "We are very motivated with CP Football and somehow we have become an icon for the countries that are just developing the activity. It was a very positive training."


"It was a pleasure to share this work with people from different countries, with many friends, I just want to improve, but also with great joy, which ultimately is what opens the doors in life as on the job, make you laugh is the basis of everything. Put emotion to the things that we do is put you life, make them better, because the passion in the long term, it is always effective and also has a very significant impact... it's contagious. Thanks to go on, and to the working group for making me feel always in the best way."

Osvaldo Hernandez, head coach for Argentina.


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