CP Football changing perceptions in Bangladesh

CP Football changing perceptions in Bangladesh


"In our country, people with a disability are treated as not normal and we're always told that because we have a disability we can't do anything."


Participants of our CP Football Coach Education workshop in Bangladesh told IFCPF that developing CP Football is already opening people's eyes to what is possible and that people with a disability want to enjoy the beautiful game like every other member of the community.


IFCPF, hosted by ARDRID (Association for Research Development and Rights Implementation for Disabilities), and supported by the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF), have delivered a workshop with participants from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. More than 35 very enthusiatic coaches, referees and former national players spent three days developing their knowledge and skills to develop CP Football.


The first format of football for people with a disability to be introduced and developed in Bangladesh; the introduction of CP Football aims to change the lives of people with a disability for the better and establish regular and local opportunities to play the game.


ARDRID aim to establish a new Bangladesh CP Football Federation in the future as partnership between ARDRID, NPC Bangladesh and the BFF; an explemplary model which brings together the expertise of each organisation.


Course tutors Sam Turner and Rene Jurrius were impressed by the enthusiasm and coaching background of many of the participants, which should stand the country in good stead for the future.