Argentinaโ€™s new under 16 CP Football Team take to the pitch at Estadio Malvinas Argentinas for their first training session

Argentinaโ€™s new under 16 CP Football Team take to the pitch at Estadio Malvinas Argentinas for their first training session


From Wednesday 29th April to Friday 1st May, this was the first time the new Argentina youth representative football team for people with cerebral palsy trained in the province of Mendoza.


The Tigers, with the presence of three local exponents, Paul Angeleri, Cristian Ruiz and Brian Camparin, held their first practice on the pitch of Estadio Malvinas Argentinas.


As part of the schedule of activities organized by the area of โ€‹โ€‹Disability and Sports and the Ministry of Sports of the Province, Professor Osvaldo Hernandez, coach of the national team, delivered a workshop aimed at coaches, teachers and students of physical education, sports and the general public. Notably, the former goalkeeper of the Argentina CP football team, Matías Nuñez, accompanied the youth delegation in all activities.


The coach of the national team said his approach to football for children with cerebral palsy began early when he was 14 years old as a volunteer in the Special Olympics, continued at university and throughout his life even up until now where he is the coach for the youth team.


Hernandez said:

"This project began four years ago when I realized that to get to the senior team we had to have a programme that is not only in Buenos Aires but throughout the country and open the range of possibilities both physical players and coaches.

We are trying to reach all regions of Argentina and have a plan of action to add more teachers and people interested in this project of high performance, not only because we want to give them competitive sports but also try to focus on aspects of health and education

The decision of the Ministry of Sports of the Province to have an area of โ€‹โ€‹disability is very important, because we are able to develop not only this but all disciplines."


Coordinator of the Area of โ€‹โ€‹Disability and Sport, Maria del Carmen Sanchez de Torrico, said:

"This is the first training camp of many we will have throughout the year and hope that, as they have done today, we will continue adding teachers, students and the general public."


Strategy to develop CP Football

Through a development plan for CP Football, throughout 2015 Argentina hope to increase the presence of coaches in different provinces to carry on the good work which has been started, through delivery of courses, clinics and regional tournaments.


In this way they look to increase the practice of CP Football, through:

  • Regional and Local Jobs
  • Increase existing relations with the countries of the South American Region, in order to strengthen and develop CP Football in this part of the continent
  • Promoting CP Football in all its possibilities, participatory, competitive and training
  • Spread the bases and foundations of the sport across the country
  • Perform insertion into the school level
  • Train and develop teachers linked to the activity
  • Raise awareness of the educational possibilities of football all those who come to it
  • Strengthen the links between schools, institutions and clubs
  • To promote, stimulate and coordinate scientific research in the field of development in sports for people with cerebral palsy at provincial and national level
  • Support the implementation of the results obtained in different areas of education, adaptation, rehabilitation, recreation and leisure
  • Encourage cooperation of municipalities in the field of sports, adapted physical and related sciences for the benefit of the population of people with cerebral palsy
  • To know the scientific experience and practices carried out on physical activity and sport for this population supported by national and provincial institutions
  • Emphasize and promote the exchange of experts and also cooperation between institutions of higher education and research in everything related to Physical and Sports Activities.
  • Encourage the publication of new information in the field of sport science and results
  • Provide operational support in the implementation and subsequent performance of the activity proposed by the various institutions.      
  • Diagnosis level shall be provided for in the work to be developed within the community
  • Panelists must channel the concerns of the participants.
  • Round tables that allow progress to new problems develop

Finally, we are developing the basis of sport for people with cerebral palsy, in the stages of expertise in order to improve the quality of life through sport and its benefits.