International Schedule

IFCPF released our new ‘IFCPF Strategic Plan 2019-2022’, defining a direction for CP Football, whilst aligning our work to important partners such as the International Paralympic Committee, Regional Paralympic Committees, FIFA and Regional Football Confederations.

As IFCPF have a membership mainly of National Paralympic Committees and para sport/CP Football organisations, in addition to National Football Associations/Federations we seek to support our entire membership.

Through our commitment to the global climate change initiative of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, IFCPF is working to make our events as efficient and effective as possible, building a structure that ensures the long term viability and sustainability of our competition cycle.


IFCPF Competitions

  • 2022 IFCPF World Cup (male)
  • 2022 IFCPF World Cup (female)
  • 2022 IFCPF World Championships (male)
  • 2022 IFCPF World Club Cup (clubs)

IFCPF Sanctioned Competitions

  • Bogota 2022 Youth ParaPan American Games

IFCPF Recognised Events

  • 2021 FECPC Barcelona Trophy
  • 2021 IWAS World Games
    2021 IWAS World Games