Female CP Football

IFCPF believe that it is our responsibility to foster unity within the Cerebral Palsy Football family and to use the sport of CP Football to promote solidarity, regardless of gender, ethnic background, faith or culture. There should be inclusive and accessible playing opportunities available to everyone.


It’s taken a long time for women’s football to gain the acceptance level it currently enjoys, but it still has a long way to go. The elite level of the women’s game has developed rapidly over the last few years.

For the vast majority of the last 40 years, the focus has been almost exclusively on the men’s game, following the trend of able-bodied football. But times, societies and attitudes move on and as a young IF we do not want to just be spectators to the global growth of the women’s para-sport.

Whilst other sports have focused on utilising mixed-gender participation as a way to create opportunities, IFCPF have taken the time to speak to female players and non-players to get their feedback and insight for the game they want to play.

Through a plan for Female CP Football, we are proud to be dedicating our efforts to well- targeted investment and capacity-building, to achieve more than parity and play our role to help promote and grow the female format of our sport everywhere, for everyone.


IFCPF Female CP Football Development Group

With a focus on developing the female game, IFCPF have brought together female representatives from all regions who are in leading roles of playing, coaching, classification and development to give insight and expertise. As role models, advocates and with their own personal experience, this group will ensure that all activities to develop the female game are athlete centered and resonate with our female players. Membership of the group includes a former para-athlete from Kenya who is now leading Female CP Football activity in Kenya.

Chair Francine Look-Hong TTO
Member Lydiah Iregi KEN
Member Joanne Morrell AUS
Member Iyoko Jin JPN
Member Michelle Wilcock ENG
Member Maria Pilar ESP
Member Gabriëlle van Driel NED
Member Ragnhild Mizda NOR

Mixed Gender Rule for CP Football

In January 2017, IFCPF amended the IFCPF Tournament Regulations to stimulate tournaments to be played mixed gender, other than in Regional and World Level competitions.

This new rule to allow mixed gender teams is a development tool intended to grow female participation until the numbers become sufficient to have female specific teams and competitions.


See latest IFCPF Rules and Regulations here: www.ifcpf.com/rules


Female CP Football Development Grants

Building upon the successful application of Mixed Gender opportunities by a number of our members, there was a clear need for a focused development programme to create female specific CP Football. In 2017, IFCPF awarded Female CP Football Development Grants to 5 successful projects which demonstrated clear participation opportunities and sustainability for female players to continue to play CP Football.

  • England
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Spain (Catalonia)
  • Trinidad & Tobago


2018 CPISRA World Games – Female CP Football Development Camp

As part of the 2018 CPISRA World Games, IFCPF and CPISRA will offer a Female CP Football Development Camp and Competition to provide an international platform for female players to participate and compete. This will run alongside the 2018 IFCPF CP Football World Championships U19 which is already part of the partnership between the two organisations, and demonstrates a clear commitment to ensuring that all players have the opportunity to play this beautiful sport.


Further information available at: www.cpisra.org/world-games/