IFCPF Development Plan

Dear football supporter,


Providing international leadership and support for our sport and its talented players is at the heart of our purpose. While IFCPF is in its infancy, the sport of CP Football has never been stronger. Since achieving independence we have a record number of participants, tournaments, supporters and dedicated leaders.

We are pleased to present our first Development Plan, which is guided by our mission:

“We inspire, support and enable individuals with Cerebral Palsy or a related Neurological condition around the World to participate in Cerebral Palsy Football in order to reach their full potential.”

In order to achieve our mission, we have established six strategic directions: Participation, Competition, Workforce, Officials, Classification and Athlete development.

Our plan establishes the following goals:

  • Increase the number of players, including female players and youth players
  • Increase the number of countries competing in national and international competitions
  • Provide training to more coaches and qualify more technical delegates
  • Increase the number of international referees in all regions
  • Qualify more classifiers and roll out our new classification system
  • Establish an athletes commission, encourage our members to appoint national athlete representatives and provide athlete support programmes

Achieving the goals in this plan will form the basis for a strong application for inclusion in future Paralympic Games. While the road to independence has been bumpy, if we continue to work together for the benefit of our sport, we will achieve our vision:
“Global recognition for Cerebral Palsy Football as a dynamic World Class Paralympic Sport”

We look forward to working with all of you to achieve our vision, mission and strategic directions.


Jan-Hein Evers

IFCPF President 


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